MRI Guided Biopsy

The Exam

For the biopsy, you will lie on your belly on a cushioned table in the MRI scanner. An MRI compatible needle sleeve will be gently placed 3 to 4 inches into the rectum to guide the biopsy needle into place. MR images will be used to change the orientation of the sleeve to best target the lesion in the prostate.  After confirming the correct orientation with MRI, a needle will be placed through the sleeve and the radiologist will obtain 2-3 cores (samples) of prostate tissue from the suspicious area. MRI technology is used to precisely guide the biopsy needle and samples are taken from the target area.

On average, an MRI guided prostate biopsy take 30 to 60 minutes. Biopsy samples are sent to a pathology lab for analysis. As with traditional biopsies, the test results are typically available a few days after the MRI biopsy is performed. The pathology findings provide the final confirmation of prostate cancer and help us identify both the volume of cancer and the level of risk (or aggressiveness) the cancer presents.

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