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A Prostate MRI is…

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a technique for creating pictures of the body that helps physicians diagnose and treat medical conditions. Unlike an x-ray exam, it does not use radiation. Instead, a large magnetic field, receiver, and computers are used to create detailed pictures of body structures and organs.  A prostate MRI, is an exam where the images are specifically focused on being able to view the prostate and nearby structures such as lymph nodes to evaluate for cancer.

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To obtain a Prostate MRI, biopsy, ultrasound HiFU, or laser ablation service, you will require an order from your physician to have the procedure. Once you have the physician order you can contact the University of Chicago Medicine Radiology Department at 773-795-9723.

Ordering physicians should fax the Procedure Order Form to 773-834-3527.

For questions regarding laser ablation, please contract Dr. Aytekin Oto directly at

For questions regarding our clinical research, please contact Dr. Ambereen Yousuf, our clinical research coordinator, directly at