MRI of the Prostate

To image the prostate, you will be placed on the MRI table and a special device called a coil will be inserted into the rectum directly under the prostate.  You will feel mild discomfort (pressure) during the insertion, but should be comfortable during the exam.  A balloon tip on the coil will be inflated to hold the coil in place. You will be given ear plugs to help reduce the noise the MRI machine makes, a call button to communicate with the MRI technologist and positioned in the MRI machine to start the exam. The MRI technologist will be in constant contact with you during the exam. A series of images will be taken of the prostate and surrounding area. Contrast, which is a special MRI dye, will be given by IV near the end of the exam. The exam takes about 45 minutes to an hour. After all of the images are acquired, the coil balloon will be deflated and removed.

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